Trainers & Staff



WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz has been training wrestlers for over 50 years.  Every day and every night at the WUW, he passes his decades of knowledge and experience down to the members of the club inside and outside of the ring. Johnny’s method, a.k.a THE WHEEL, has been utilized through out the existence of the WUW.


The Wheel method consists of members passing on what they know and learn from Johnny to the next member in line…We also have the below trainers, who will be there lending a hand.


Cowboy Billy Walker has been with WUW for over 25 years and is one of our most respected trainers. Walker’s specialty is grappling and in-ring psychology. He also assist with promos & character development. Also has worked in the indepent circuits through out is wrestling career. In addition, Billy helps with video & audio tech work.


Whether he is called Juanito or Jbro or Juan Jeremy or is real name Charles Jose Perez – he is Mr. Johnny Rodz go to guy. There’s Jack of all trades then there is Juan of all trades. He assists with the basic every day training of new members along with promos & character development. He also assists with the social media & website development for Mr Rodz’s and WUW’s social media outlets. Juan/Charles has worked with various independent wrestling companies through out the Northeast, Ohio, & Virginia since the mid 2000s as a masked wrestler & also without a mask. Currently, he plays various character roles in WWN’s Kaiju Big Battel wrestling/performance arts company which he has traveled throughout the United States & even Canada with. He is most notably known though as Dusto Bunny with Kaiju Big Battel.


Johnny Broadway our local WUW KING also has the side job which he royally does very well. John helps make our WUW entrance music, national anthem and various other sound matters occur. He does whether the club does event at Gleason’s Gym or during outside events. He has been a member of the club for almost 10 plus years. His hard work & dedication is shown.


Israel Joffe another club member of almost 10 plus years. Without his help this website would not have existed. He also trains in Brazilian Jui-jitsu. He helps updating the website along with his website trainee Juan Jeremy. They try to assure as much content is uploaded as possible to make the WUWONLINE website a website like no other.


Mystic Aztec is one of our Lucha trainers. He has been specializing in the Lucha style for decades. Aztec has wrestled all over the world and brings his extensive experience and knowledge to the WUW. Along with assisting with our occasional WUW LUCHA events.


High flying Mikey Firezone is our main cruiser weight trainer who teaches Lucha and other high flying techniques. Mikey has been with the WUW for over a decade.

Aside from those members, the below members also come through every now and then to share their wrestling knowledge..

Whether it is in the fundamentals, grappling, basic psychology, drills or their experiences in the business, Mark Viola, Matt Striker, Jason Perry aka Mac Daddy Flexxx & Juan Jeremy (mentioned above) and a few others are guaranteed to make an appearance..

Jason Perry helped build the WOMENS/DA STUNNAS DIVISION. Some of which went on to various tryouts and/or signed with a major promotion.