WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz has been training wrestlers for over 50 years.  Every day and every night at the WUW, he passes his decades of knowledge and experience down to the members of the club inside and outside of the ring. Johnny’s method, a.k.a THE WHEEL, has been utilized through out the existence of the WUW.


The Wheel method consists of members passing on what they know and learn from Johnny to the next member in line…We also have the below trainers, who will be there lending a hand.


Cowboy Billy Walker has been with WUW for over 25 years and is one of our most respected trainers. Walker’s specialty is grappling and in-ring psychology.


Mystic Aztec is one of our Lucha trainers. He has been specializing in the Lucha style for decades. Aztec has wrestled all over the world and brings his extensive experience and knowledge to the WUW.


High flying Mikey Firezone is our main cruiser weight trainer who teaches Lucha and other high flying techniques. Mikey has been with the WUW for over a decade.